Build the Ski Hill

Build the Ski Hill

Why We're Doing This

Plumas County has a yo-yo economy. Summer tourism is pretty healthy. Lots of folks love to come here to enjoy the best of the Sierras. 
What many don't realize, though, is that Plumas County is a great winter destination, too.

A chairlift at Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl will be a huge asset to our winter economy. A viable ski and snowboard hill will bring visitors and provide a great place for locals to congregate and play.

Summer and winter, Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl can offer great family fun and a strong economic venue.

Be part of the future. Help Build a Ski Hill! 

Be a Sponsor

Putting on a concert isn't free. If you would like to be a part of the production, click here. Your sponsorship will go towards marketing and tickets, venue and band. And we'll put your name on a commemorative plaque that will hang at the Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl lodge for generations to come.

Thanks for your help.

Build the Ski Hill Concert, May 24 & 25, 2014

Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl, the first ski hill in North America and home to longboard ski racing, has been a recreation staple in Plumas County since the Gold Rush. 

Generations of children grew up skiing at Johnsville, some even taking their first steps on the slopes of Eureka Peak. Unfortunately, Johnsville came on hard times and it just wasn't feasible to run the hill anymore.

Local schools brought busloads of students to the hill
every Saturday for lessons and recreation

But the tide is changing; Johnsville is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and there's a strong effort to get the hill running again. We have a chairlift waiting, but we need to get it built. Not only will it open the mountain to skiers and snowboarders, it will offer summer visitors more access to Eureka Peak and the spectacular high country of eastern Plumas.

Generations of families have made happy memories
at Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl

The Build the Ski Hill Concert will help get the job done. All proceeds from the concert will go directly to the construction costs of installing the Johsnville Historic Ski Bowl chairlift.

The annual Longboard Revival Series is a popular
and fun-filled weekend.

Join us for an evening of music and mirth, May 24th or 25th, in the Corner Barn at the intersection of Highways 89 and 70 in Blairsden.

Got pics? If you have happy memories of the ski hill, send them to:

We'll post them here!

See you at the concert!

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